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1 Gallon Fermenting Heated Pad


1 Gallon Fermenting Heated Pad suitable for 1 gallon demijohn

These go round your fermentation container and the temperature is controlled by how high or low it is on the actual container, lower for a higher temperature, higher for a lower temperature. We don't sell these, and we don't recommend them, but we are told many have been sold and been used successfully.

Heating is a major factor in producing a really top quality wine. Years ago it didn't really matter about the temperature as the juice and yeast weren't so good that you would notice the difference. But now the quality of some of our kits is so good temperature has become one of the main ingredients in producing a good wine. Remember a slow fermentation is best. If your wine starts bubbling like mad drop the temperature. It's quite useful to have a thermometer) alongside your container - strap it to the side. This will give you an idea of temperature. As a rule the liquid temperature is 2 higher than the ambient room temperature.

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