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The following beermaking recipes have been formulated to taste similar in flavour and style to commercial beers.


To make 5 Gallons/23 Litres of Bitter


1 x 1.8 kg tin of Muntons Medium Malt Extract
1 x 907g tin of Edme DMS Malt Extract
1 x 150g Crushed Crystal Malt
250g x Flaked Maize
100g x Fuggles Hops (15 mins)
1 tsp Irish Moss
500grams (8ozs) White Granulated Suger (or 500grams of Medium Dried Spray Malt
2 tsp Unfermentable Wine Sweetner
1 Gervin Ale Yeast

Add MALT EXTRACTS and GRANULATED SUGAR/500GRAMS MEDIUM DRIED SPRAY MALT to 1gall/5L of hot water (use suitable vessel), stir until dissolved then bring to the boil.
Put 75g of HOPS, CRUSHED CRYSTAL and FLAKED MAIZE into a muslin hop bag and add to the wort.
Leave to boil for one and half hours. Replace evaporated water when necessary.
Add the remainder of the FUGGLE HOPS and IRISH MOSS in to a muslin hop bag and add to the wort for the last 15 minutes.
When finished pour the liquor into a 5 Gall/25L fermentation vessel, bring up to the 5 Gall/23L mark by adding cold water. Once at fermentation temperature add the YEAST and leave in a warm place to ferment out.
(Using a hydrometer the reading will be 1010 or below.)
Syphon into bottles with half a teaspoon of priming sugar or 85g if barreling.
Keep in a warm place for 4/5 days to condition, then put in a cool place to clear.
This Beer improoves with keeping but can be drunk once clear.

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