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Classic Swiss Chocolate Almond Style Liqueur Kit makes 6 bottles

Swiss Chocolate Almond is a delicious blend of dark chocolate and almond. It can also be added to coffee or used in desserts.

Each kit makes 4.5 litres (1 gallon) of your favourite liqueur.The alcohol content is approximately 20% and giving a remarkable taste that is similar to a commercial liqueur

The kits includes yeast, yeast nutrient and finings.

The kit is made in a demijohn and only sugar and water are required.  A controlled fermentation temperature is necessary. At the end of fermentation, the liquid is cleared leaving a tasteless and colourless liquor similar to but denser than water. It is at this stage that the flavouring is added to give  the required taste. Lastly, sugar is required to sweeten.

You will need in addition to the kit the following: two x one gallon/5litre demijohns,a bored cork and airlock to fit a demijohn, a length of clear plastic tubing, water and white granulated sugar.

Three weeks later you will enjoy your own home made liqueurs

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