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Make Your Own SLOE GIN

Half fill a 1 kilo glass jar or similar vessel with a screw on lid with pricked lean sloes. Tradition has it that you should wait until the first frost to pick the sloes but because of the mild autumn we have experienced this year I would not take the chance and wait. Add 250grams (8oz) of castor sugar, and fill the jar up to the top with dry gin and screw the lid down tight.
Shake the jar daily until the sugar and the liquid has taken on a dark red colour. A recommended addition is 10 ml (1/4 oz)of almond essence or (1 oz) of flaked almonds added after two weeks.
Leave the sloes in the jar for two months in all, shaking fairly regularly.
When the gin is to be bottled, preferably in a half size liqueur/wine bottles. The liquid must be run through linen/muslin/filter paper or filter to ensure all particles have been removed.

All that is left to say is Cheer! Merry Christmas

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