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Festival Old Suffolk Strong Ale Kit makes 40 pints

Woody character comes through with a good level of dryness and well balanced sweetness
Hops:- Boadicea

Finest ingredients:-
Premium Liquid Malt Extract (3kg per kit)
Genuine Brewer’s Yeast Strains
Hop Pellets Addition
ABV Approx 5.2%

Retails Price £24.99

Each kit contains only the finest quality ingredients and easy to follow step-by-step instructions making Festival Premium Ale Kits the UK’s most comprehensive and complete premium liquid malt extract beer kit ever produced!

With careful research, help and knowledge from professional brewers, Festival Premium Ale Kits enable you to recreate examples of some of the UK’s best loved beers, all within the comfort of your own home. Festival Premium Ale Kits use only the very highest quality liquid malt extracts (3kg per kit) and genuine brewer’s yeast strains (all individually suited to each style of beer). Festival Premium Ale Kits also contain hop pellets and priming sugar. The hop pellets mare simply added halfway through fermentation infusing flavour and aroma into the finished beer resulting in a beer with more hop character than ever before. The precisely measured addition of priming sugar ( included ) ensures the correct level of carbonation is achieved for each particular style of beer.

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