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Vinometer (Glass)


Glass Vinometer This clever instrument tests the approximate alcohol level ina finished wine

This is a very simple way to check the alcohol content of your home brew wine but remember - it is very approximate and you need to know how it works to avoid the common pitfalls.

It works on (still) wine only, not beer or spirits
. It will only work if there is no CO2 left in your wine.
It will only work if your wine is 8-13% or around these values.
The homebrew wine alcohol meter uses the capillary effect in the liquid to determine the alcohol. This will only work on "normal" strength home brewed wines. Unfortunately most meters are graduated between 0-25% but the error outside 8-13% is too large, it simply doesn't work there.

Trick: If you have a very strong wine, dilute it with equal amount of water, then take a reading. If reading ends up inside the interval 8-13% you know you can trust it and in reality it is twice as high.

Many people ask us how do I work out my alcohol levels? The best way is to take the starting specific gravity, from the finishing specific gravity and divide this by 7.36, ie 1080 - 990 = 90 divided by 7.36 =12.23% ABV. The other option is to acquire aVinometer. This is a simple device you can pour a small sample of wine into which will give an ABV reading. It's simple and quite useful as a guide. Price is under 5

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